Mangosteen For Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder triggered by allergens and irritants. Mangosteen's natural anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen asthma attacks without the disadvantages and side effects that are often associated with oral steroids.

Ryan is one of our existing customers using mangosteen for his asthma who has shared his personal story with us.

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I have had asthma my whole life. I have grown out of some of the allergies associated with asthma, but when it is cold outside and I go out for even a little bit, I would soon as I would come inside and warm up.

I began taking the product, as [I] was told it had anti-inflammatory properties. I was hoping that if would help my asthma even a bit. I started taking mangosteen daily. About two weeks later, I started noticing an increased amount of energy. About another month after this I noticed that when I went out in the cold weather that I would not wheeze hardly at all after coming in from the cold. This product has helped my life out dramatically.

My 81-year-old grandmother has been taking the product for about 8 months.She is in good health to start with but after taking the product has a lot more energy. She can now hoe the weeds out of her whole garden without taking a break where as before she would have to do parts at a time. This product is amazing."

Ryan N. of Alberta, Canada Thanks for watching!

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